What Are The 5 Parts Of E-content?

The concept of Digital content was introduced in the year 2000 and since then digital content has grown a lot. Nowadays almost everything is digitalized and it includes different things like music, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Digital content includes all the contents that are made by using electronic devices and they can be accessed by using any kind of device. We all have heard about ebooks and mp3s, but there are some other types of digital content that are still in the process of being developed. Here I am going to talk about five different kinds of digital content which are going to be the next thing in the near future. Let’s see what they are:

Audio content

Audio content is one of the most common Digital content that we use in our daily lives. It is available in two ways. One is through the headphone jack of your smartphone and the other one is through the wireless speaker which is available in every room of your house.

Video content

Video content is one of the most popular digital content in the world and it has been used for many years. It can be accessed through different kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. But now it is moving towards the direction of 3D, 4K, and 360-degree videos.

Virtual reality (VR) content

Virtual reality is a type of digital content that allows you to access the contents in a different way. The best example of VR is Google Cardboard which gives you a feel of an experience by using your smartphone.

Augmented reality (AR) content

Augmented reality is another kind of digital content that lets you experience something real by using a device that will make you feel like you are there. You can use it to enjoy live events, concerts, and sports.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics is another type of digital content that is used to create 3D videos and other forms of animation. It can be used to create stunning videos, animation videos, or even advertisements.


These were some of the 5 different types of digital content that will be available in the near future. We all know that the internet has become the center of all our lives but we need to remember that there are some things which are going to be outdated in a few years. If you want to be updated about the latest technology and also want to be ahead in this digital world then you need to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies.

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