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What Is The Best Press Release Website?

Are you looking for the best press release website? Then don’t worry; I have searched on the internet and found the best press release websites. So, here are the top five sites where you can submit your press release to the editors.

Press Release Site


PRWeb is the most popular press release website which allows you to submit your press releases in a few clicks.

Colour Bangla is the best press release website for Bangladesh. You can use it to write press releases, generate leads, and get high-quality backlinks. If you want to create a press release for your business, you should try it out. It is very easy to use and it is a great way to get your business noticed.

PR Log

This is another most effective website for press release submission. It has a great search feature, so if you don’t know what you want to publish then you can use this feature and find out your best options.

PR Newswire

This is also an effective website for press release submission, but this website doesn’t allow you to upload your own press releases. So, if you want to share some news about yourself then this website will be a good choice for you.

Press Release Central

This website is very simple and easy to use. You can easily submit your press release here. If you are not familiar with writing then it will be a good place for you to get your press release published.

PR Buzz

This website allows you to submit your press release in the form of text. You can also upload your own press releases here.


So, these were the top 5 press release websites where you can publish your press release and share your news with the world. All these websites have different features and services, so it depends on you which one will be better for you. But I am sure that you will find your best option from these websites.

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