What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM gives insights into running a business. A smart CRM system gives every information you need in an easy way that you can use it to grow your business. Simplify your processes from the first day with an ideal CRM solution. We have the best, smart and the ideal in an enterprise-ready package with our CRM Software in Bangladesh. This is fully responsive and professional software where you will get full access all over your clients or customers. Let’s you maintain relations easily.

Use of CRM software in Bangladesh?

Sales Program

Customers always need to know about your updated product, description and discount details, CRM system allows you to maintain your sales task easily

Marketing Company

Very first important task is marketing about your product, but need to know about your targeted audience. CRM software in Bangladesh gives you maintain your targeted audience in touch

Marketing department of any organization

Save your every little information about your client or customer in the database of CRM software to find out your previous and next customers easily.

CRM Software Service in Bangladesh?

CRM Software Company in Bangladesh gives you full control of the CRM software system. The CRM software agency in Bangladesh gives you the following features

  • Contact Management ULOT PALOT KRTE HBE
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Territory Management
  • Role-based Access
  • Email Client Integration
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Lead Management for determining high-quality leads
  • Sales Data
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Partner Management
  • Product Level Quotes
  • Customer Satisfaction

Best CRM Software Company in Bangladesh?

The CRM software is very simple with user-friendly. Low-cost CRM software with full control and access. Accounting, invoicing, employee (information, attendance of each day, tasks & salary per employee) management, lead generation & marketing automation all of your task is now very easy to manage with CRM software. With all our great services and features we are the best CRM software company in Bangladesh.

CRM Software Service in Bangladesh?

  • Create and view client information easily
  • Keep tracking all sells and marketing activity
  • Sales quotation creates and mail to client
  • Very User-Friendly Interface
  • Individual user panel and access system
  • Notifications of daily tasks
  • Task generation and follow-up tracking
  • Simply sales follow-up
  • Sales analysis
  • Create goals for sale executive with a sales target
  • Mail or SMS sending with CRM
  • Unlimited user, unlimited access, from anywhere

CRM Software Package?

As a CRM software agency, we have our packaging system which is`

  • Basic Package
  • Classic Package
  • Standard Package


With every package, the customer or client of CRM software will get

  • One time payment
  • Any time Technical support
  • All CRM Features
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting as package
  • Free corporate email addresses
  • Bandwidth as package
  • Work time duration as per package

Support of CRM software in Bangladesh?

With 24 Hours online supporting system, we always care and work for the benefits of our clients. We help our clients installing the server, with database management. Let’s get started with us.


  • Customers Summary
  • Customers all informations
  • Active or inactive customers
  • Contact details


  • Proposals
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Credit Notes
  • Items


  • New Subscription
  • Subscription Summary
  • Subscription details


  • Add new Expenses
  • expenses details
  • Export Expenses


  • Add New contacts
  • Contact Summary
  • Contact type


  • Add new projects
  • Project Summary
  • export project details


  • Add new Task
  • Tasks overview
  • Different type of fileters


  • New Ticket
  • Tickets Summary
  • Bulk Actions
  • Export Tickets


  • New Lead
  • Import Leads
  • Different type of fileters
  • Lead Source

Knowledge Base

  • New Article
  • Article group
  • export Articles
  • Filter Article


  • Media
  • Bulk PDF Export
  • Calendar
  • Announcements
  • Goals
  • Activity Log
  • Surveys
  • Database Backup
  • Ticket Pipe Log


  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Expenses vs Income
  • Leads
  • Time-sheets overview
  • KB Articles


  • Staff
  • Customers
  • Supports
  • Leads
  • Finance
  • Contracts
  • Modules
  • Email Templates
  • Custom Fields\GDPR
  • Roles
  • Menu Setup
  • Theme Style
  • Settings
  • Help

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