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Inventory Management Software?

Inventories are those goods that a company sells. A company sells inventories to get revenue. To increase sells, get customers demand and track of your inventories, you need an Inventory Management Software which will do every task very easy for you. ColourBangla Inventory Management Software Bangladesh provides the best Inventory Management Software in developing country like Bangladesh which helps supply chain system, serial number tracking etc.

Feature of ColourBangla Inventory Management Software?

  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Easy Invoice System Management
  • Product Management System
  • CRM Management
  • Management System Based on Category
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Accounts Management

Top features on our inventory software are

  • Barcoding
  • Cost Tracking
  • Customer Pricing Models
  • Overviewing Dashboard
  • Multiple account system
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Reorder Management
  • Search / Filter
  • Serialized Inventory Tracking
  • Order Entry
  • Customization
  • Visual Stockpiling
  • Stock Alert, multiple warehouse system
  • Stock Return (Damage product or from close relational customer with stock update or not)
  • Stock Transfer (From one warehouse to another)
  • Quotes, subscription, credit notes, multiple account including customer account.
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Multiple login account:

There have 7 type of accounts that means 7 types of user can login this system at a time

  • Business Owner
  • Business manager
  • Project manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Sales manager
  • Sales person
  • Customer

Dynamic Dashboard:

There have an overview of this system.

  • Today Invoice(number)
  • This month Invoice(number)
  • Today sales(10 $)
  • This month sales(50 $)
  • Graphical Representation of invoices and sales done in last 30 days with today income, today expanses today profit and total revenue of this month
  • Recent Buyers list with profile link, total amount of product and last transection type(partial or cash or others )
  • Short list of recent invoice, transection of those with debit ,credit, payment method and company account name where transection is add
  • Income expense graph (like income is increase and expense is decrease)
  • Task manager (Business owner or admin can assign tasks to employees)
  • Stock alert (like when specific product stock is under minimum stock then it will show inside stock alert portion and also email in the company providing email. It’s customizable )
  • You also can monitor how much percentage achieving at this time belongs to your target income, expenses, sales and net income in current month
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Stocking System

  • Stock in, stock out with total item(which added )
  • Automatically add barcode (customizable) and create printable label
  • Product category sub-category system
  • Multiple warehousing system
  • Stock transfer(one warehouse to another, system automatically remove product and update another warehouse stock)
  • Supplier account(you can keep their personal, transactional, income, expense, purchase order information and able to send email like order new product from this system)
  • Stock return:
    • From Supplier: like you order any product 100 p and you supplier give you 120 p and your employee receive this product and update system but at a time you went to return 20 p to supplier.
    • From customer: like after buying product customer went to return
  • After purchase product if you create bill then stock automatically will be update

Invoice system:

  • Create invoice with customer name, invoice number, reference, invoice date, invoice note
  • Multiple product ,their custom quantity, rate, tax, discount, shipping cost, extra cost
  • You can print this invoice easily and also notify customer by SMS or Email or both (invoice notification, payment reminder, payment received, payment overdue, refund generated)
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POS system

  • You also can create invoice with POS system like barcode reader which is most useable technique in this time
  • There have multiple payment API Integrated (Stripe, Authorize.Net, pin Payments, PayPal, Secure Pay)


  • It’s like Facebook scheduling post. After crossing subscription time, subscription invoice will automatically convert real invoice/bill
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Credit note

  • Money to the customer – When your product have any issue

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

  • You can create customer account with his/her details information
  • Can easily create group those customer
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Support Tickets

  • When your customer have any query or problem they could easily create support ticket to company. From company site anyone can solve this within this system


  • You can easily handle your company account(sales account, expense account, asset account, liability account, income account, equity account)
  • Also see the transactional graph (this week, this month, this year, specific range of date)
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Promo code

  • There have also promo code system/coupon system


  • Create employee account
  • Update their permission
  • Also manage their salary, department, attendance, holiday and payroll
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Human resource management (HRM or HR)

  • Create employee account
  • Update their permission
  • Also manage their salary, department, attendance, holiday and payroll

Backup & Export-Import

  • There have a backup system(product, transection, customer-employee data) in excel or .sql
  • There also have import system( Exporting backup)
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Payment getaway

  • Bkash
  • Roket
  • MasterCard
  • visa

What will you can do with Inventory Management Software?

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Safe and Secured Data
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Accurate value insertion option
  • Lot Control System
  • Accessible from any place at any time
  • Inventory optimization option
  • Analyze your product and cost
  • Kitting and billing of materials
  • Gather the resources
  • Cost tracking
  • Order management

Why you need an Inventory Management Software in Bangladesh?

ColourBangla Inventory Management Software, providing a platform where you can track each and every single information related to your inventory for future decisions. Open customers’ accounts with branches and make sales areas, sales types etc. Prepare and track sales and delivery notes, customer invoice and credit notes and edit any information when needed. Record stock items with category, location transfer and other information. Automatic calculations, re-order of items etc.

Is Inventory Management Software Secured?

In previous business corporations, there was no software and only way to put information with human data where it was possible to be error which is risky but now, you have Inventory Management Software which is error less and more secure where your data encryption is available.

Report generation system in Inventory Management System?

  • Print, Email or convert all documents in .pdf or .doc file
  • Export reports into MS Office
  • Report generation on financial and yearly basis
  • Email all documents directly to the customers
  • Graphical analysis from all reports

Get to know Our Activities And Skills.

Smart inventory management is best for a healthy business plan because it saves time and energy both. Correct inventory prevents you from losing any customer. Minimizes common human mistakes.

From inventory management software, customers will get automatically a delivery repot so that customers do not need to wait.

Track every orders, inventories, get customers attraction and more, customized best service and correct response any time any-where.

Activities And Skills

Sales Services
Online Reputation
Strategic Consulting

Inventory Management Software Price in Bangladesh?

Inventory Management Software Developed by us in Bangladesh is
the best low cost affordable price complete business software.
The price depends on its package system, the package contains

  • User Cost
  • Server Cost

The user may be one or two or unlimited and server as user select a package, the price varies.

Support from Inventory Management Software?

Full time support over online and offline with free trainingabout the installation and use of the software. Also a free video training. There is no hidden options. As the customer needs us, we will be there within few hours.

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