What is bulk SMS?

Suppose you have a computer store and where more than 1000 customers visit your shop every day. And after 30 days it was seen that a total of 30,000 people visited your store, who are interested in buying computers. And within this 3000, only a total of 500 people have bought computers from your store, but according to your store rules, you have kept 30,000 people’s phone numbers as your data. Now you can send SMS one by one with your phone and give them some discounts, offers, coupon so that they trust you and buy from your store. But if you send SMS one by one on mobile, it will take a lot of time and spend a lot of money on SMS. But through a bulk SMS software, you can send a message to 30,000 people within a few minutes at very low prices.

Bulk SMS in Bangladesh
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Why bulk SMS marketing is important?

Bulk SMS marketing is very important because through this you will always be able to send update your customer, you can also tell them that will be beneficial for him. And always remember customers like update things and benefits. If you provide them some value then they will definitely like your brand, company, store and always will take action and buy from you.

Sim companies of Bangladesh do exactly the same…They offer different kinds of discounts, benefits to the people every day. And not only that they send thousands even millions of SMS daily and these are only possible through bulk SMS software. What they do is create an SMS body text for their customers’ convenience. After that, they ad the SMS text body in bulk SMS software & set up camp. The software handles all the hard work and sens SMS one by one based on camping command and the good part is all done with automation just setup 1 time it will work for you month after month.

How SMS marketing will help you?

You can get more response from your customer and you can get more sales and earn more profit with SMS marketing. if you need the (A-Z) support and guideline and if you are interested to start SMS marketing then we are here to provide you the best bulk SMS marketing service in BD.

Best bulk SMS marketing service in Bangladesh

Service we provide

  • We will Cover all Local & Internation Networks
  • Bulk Messaging Unlimited Access
  • high converting text swipe that converts into profit
  • API integration
  • Analytics with full results
  • Done for you Messaging Camping
  • automation schedule campaign
  • All Guideline to start
  • Lifetime support

With bulk SMS marketing you can generate more profits through your business and your creative idea at a very low cost. Only you have to set up the software once and it will always help you to send an SMS you want. But the most important is the support through which you can take your business forward without any obstacles. And We are here to support you to grow your business into more clients, customers and turn it into Big Profit.

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