HR & Payroll Software?

HR & Payroll Software is a web based total package of human resource  management software that allows user of attendance to salary report preparation and proven payroll management. This software helps the industries to keep up with attendance management, leave management, salary management and auto payroll management of the employees in flexible way.
The user of HR & Payroll Software Bangladesh can customize the software as the company’s requirements which make the HR & Payroll Software one of the leading software by ColourBangla software agency.

  • Immigration consultant, Information technology consulting
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant
  • Employment consultant Environmental consultant
  • Independent contractor, Permatemp

Core Modules of HR & Payroll Software?

  • Salary Information Set
  • Monthly Salary with Paper
  •  Bonus Salary for Specific Month
  •  Bonus Sheet Paper
  •  Loan Management
  •  Employee Information
  •  Salary Loan Management

HR & Payroll Management?

  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Bonus System with Loan Management

User Management of HR & Payroll Software?

  • Creating User Account
  •  User Dash-board Setup
  •  User Password Change Option

HR & Payroll Software Feature in Bangladesh?

  • Manage Multiple Companies at a Time
  •  All Information About Company
  •  Deduction, Salary, Loan, User Manage
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Administration and User Panel
  •  Cloud Server System
  •  Compatible With Any All Devices
  •  Unlimited User, Multi Authorization
  •  Data Entry Management
  • Online Offline Notification System
  •  Report Writing with Searching System
  •  HR Report, Salary Report, Provident Fund
  •  Database Backup System
  •  Security of Data
  •  Payroll Management modules
  •  Admin Panel to Configure Roles
  •  Language Selection of Software
  •  Fast Implementation, Fast Support

Core features

  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Messaging Feature
  • Notice
  • Multiple Language
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Database Backup
  • User Management
  • Profile Management


  • Department list
  • Department all information’s
  • Edit and remove departments


  • employee List
  • employee Details
  • Edit and delete employee


  • Attendances Manage
  • Attendances Report
  • Attendances Summary

Leave Types

  • Leave type list
  • Add new Leave type
  • leave type details

Leave Applications

  • Leave Applications List
  • Leave Applications Details
  • Live search



  • Holidays list
  • Manage Weekend Holiday
  • Add Holiday


  • Generate payslip
  • Make Payment
  • Manage Payslips


  • Types of awards
  • Awards Giving


  • Expenses list
  • Add expenses
  • Expenses Details


  • Compose
  • Inbox
  • Outbox


  • Notices List
  • Add Notices
  • Notice Details

User Management

  • User List
  • Add User
  • User Details
  • Update and delete Users


  • General Settings
  • Permission Roles
  • Permission Control
  • Languages
  • Database Backup

HR & Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh?

ColourBangla Software Agency providing a unique HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh which have lot of features. With integrated modules, our best HR & Payroll Software is the unique software in Bangladesh now.

HR & Payroll Software?

We are one of the best leading it company providing HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh. Our HR & Payroll Software is customizable for the user need. As a best company our team supports the customer about their business. What our customer need is, a unique HR & Payroll Software from us as we are best HR & Payroll Software Leading Company in Bangladesh.

HR & Payroll Management Software Security?

  • Application Architecture Design
  • Valid User Authentication
  •  Every Important Data Encryption
  •  Operating System Security System
  •  Internal External Security
  •  Server Management and Security

HR & Payroll Software Price in Bangladesh?

With Unlimited User, access from any place, any computer, individual user access, individual user panel all of these facilities you can get in our best HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh at affordable price, low cost with best support. The price varies with the package system of HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh.

HR & Payroll Software Company Support in Bangladesh?

We are always for our customer service as we are the best HR & Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh, we think about our client’s best, we care about you. Free video training, online and offline support at any time without any cost.

  • Training of Software Installation, Setup an Use
  •  Free Video Training
  •  Online & Offline Support
  •  No Hidden Service Charge

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