Prime Automation

Prime Automation is focusing exclusively on high quality and cost-effective Automatic Sliding Door, Swing Door, roiling shutter, Sliding gate, Swing gate, Collapsible gate, Certain, car-parking barrier, Flap barrier, Tripod Barrier, Full height Turnstile barrier, Road barrier, PIR motion Sensor, Acoustic movable wall, Hydraulic Dock leveler/Ram, IP-CCTV, Metal Detector & Access control development & implementation of a services company.  ColourBangla has provided them a complete Website Design & Development, and Digital Marketing Services. ColourBangla has also provided them SEO, Content Writing, and Facebook Marketing Services. We used WordPress CMS of Website Design & Development.  When ColourBangla provides these services, then Prime Automation increases their income revenue, leads, and also increases their business. The website was made in such a way that it looks very professional. The website is SEO-friendly, Secured, SSL certified and the user experience is very good.